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Mary McCaslin represents an unbroken link between traditional American folksingers and today's "new folk" singer-songwriters. Known for her songs about the West, its landscape, and its outlaws as well as her insightful songs about relationships, Mary has influenced countless other performers. For many years before her current solo career, Mary toured with legendary singer Jim Ringer. Together they helped keep folk music on the map through some very lean years. 

Mary was a pioneer of open tunings, using them long before they gained their current popularity. In addition to her flawless fingerpicking style on the guitar, Mary also plays "clawhammer" banjo using it to great (and unique) effect on such unlikely songs as "Blackbird" and "Pinball Wizard." These and other personalized arrangements of popular songs have consistently added to her appeal. 

In April of 1994 Philo / Rounder released BROKEN PROMISES , Mary's first recording of new material since 1980. On this album Mary takes a striking turn inward and tells her own story. With the release of "Broken Promises", Mary McCaslin reclaims her place among the most original and talented singer-songwriters of the folk and acoustic genre. 

Over the years Mary has enjoyed the company of Basset Hounds and dedicates this website to Hannah., who left us in Nov. 2006. She is pictured on the cover of Mary's latest CD, Better Late Than Never. She has taught guitar and clawhammer banjo occasionally at Sylvan Music where she also works part time when she is home. On the many trips across the country, Mary has often longed for the days of good old ROUTE 66.

Mary with Rick Shea - Fresno

Mary with Rick Shea - McCabe's

Jim Ringer Unearthed

July, 19, 2009 - Stacked Stone Winery, Paso Robles, CA

w/ Pete Grant - June 27, 2009 - Rough & Ready, CA

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